Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recommended Agent For Home, Auto, Business & Life Insurance in Utah!

     Insurance is an every day essential that we all need in our lives that helps us out in those times of accidents, fires, broken windows, and much more! Great deals on home, auto, and life insurance is a must have in our lives!

     We recently saved literally $100's of dollars, no lie, by switching car and home insurance! This is a switch we should have made months ago! If you feel like your home and car insurance keeps going up in price, every time you renew your insurance, then it's time to look around!

     We saved $396 dollars on car insurance by making the switch & we saved $208 on our home insurance!

     To see if you can save money on your insurance contact this recommended insurance agent:

Bret P. Weston
Weston Insurance Agency 

Life, Home, Auto, Business
Experience the difference of Independence.
Office 801-513-9513
Cell 801-682-0367
Fax 801-405-6766

We can't thank Bret enough for saving us $604! Bret is the person to go to for all of your insurance needs in Utah! We recommend him to everyone! We just wish we would have found him sooner for us to start the savings much sooner!

We did not receive any compensation for writing this post. This post is our own opinion of our great experience with Weston Insurance Agency in Utah.