Monday, March 2, 2015

Taylorsville, Utah Emergency Center Coming in Fall 2015

When you are out and about driving by 2700 W. 5400 S. in Taylorsville, Utah you will see a lot of construction and dirt being moved around on the corner of this intersection. This is because the new St. Mark's Hospital Taylorsville Emergency Center is in the works to be built and finished by this Fall of 2015.

Features of this new Emergency Center include:

- 24/7 Service
- Shorter ER Wait Times
- 10 Patient Exam Rooms for anyone that needs Emergency Care
Experienced, board-certified physicians associated with St. Mark’s Hospital

This stand alone facility will serve the community of Taylorsville and surrounding areas.  The new satellite ED will provide comprehensive hospital- based emergency services. This is the 4th of it's kind in Utah. It stands alone and is not connected to a hospital.

The staff at St. Mark's Hospital Taylorsville Emergency Center will be able to quickly diagnose and treat life -threatening conditions such as strokes, chest pains, & traumatic injuries.

The facility will feature:

- Comprehensive Imaging Services
- Fully-Equipped Medical Laboratory
- Computerized Tomography (CT Scan)
- X-rays
- Ultrasound

This service is to provide the community of Taylorsville with quality care & shorter waiting time.

The Emergency Center location is at 5400 S. 2700 W. in Taylorsville, UT. Just south of the Firestation 118 and the City Hall.